OOFU Mobile Play Sessions - Truck Karaoke VDO

What’s the most fun you could have in 10 minutes? Are you a closet rock/rap/disco/reggae/punk star? Can you get down on it like you really want it? Did you wake up this morning and say, “Damn it, life is not complete until I’ve done my own music video!”. Well, here’s your chance.

As part of the ‘09 Mobile Play Sessions, oofu is giving anyone (with talent or nerve) the opportunity to record their own real time green screen music video. What’s that? It’s you singing karaoke style to one of your favorite tunes (see available playlist of songs here) mashed up with a real time stream of images and video backgrounds. It’s a killer music vdo, it’s your killer music vdo. You're the shinning star, you're the superstar.

Each play/record session is 10 minutes.
Best videos will play on oofu.tv.

Everybody’s got one VDO in them.

Play Dates and Locations

'10 Mobile Play Sessions
Truck Karaoke VDO 2 - September (done)
Union Square
Low East Side

'09 Mobile Play Sessions
Truck Karaoke VDO 1 - August 8th + 9th (done)
High Line Entrance - Gansevoort Street
Low East Side
East Village

Submit your name and email below, and we'll forward time and location info for the OOFU truck morning of the play session.

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@oofu (mobile device)
http://twitter.com/oofu (web)