Maximize Your Hit Potential

What's the most fun you could have in 10 minutes? 

oofu Storefront VDO Play Sessions.

Oofu is a storefront for making original VDOs (videos).  Your performance need not be rehearsed (but you can if you want).  The green screen allows us to composite your image against a virtual backdrop, realtime stream of images, or VJ mix.  You can see what this looks like in real-time on the studio monitors inside as you perform.  From the sidewalk, your fans applaud.  All is broadcast live to the web.

Typical oofu play sessions are 10 minutes long.  There are different oofu play session types you can choose to perform.  You can rock the mic with one of our classic karaoke tracks (VDO Karaoke), get down and dance till you drop (Dance Hard), record a love message to your sweetie (Greeting Card), or have a guitar jam session rock star style (Guitar Star).  

Local businesses and entrepreneurs can make infomercials, bloggers can record a month's worth of video clips in a session or two,  bands can come and make live music videos and unleash the next viral sensation.  

You can also just jump in front of the camera for an impromptu ANYTHING GOES play session.   Croon/rap/rhyme/rant/rave/preach/teach whatever you can dream up.  Here is your chance to be the shinning, super star.  Get big, go viral!

More info on play sessions, monthly events, competitions and original programming/weekly shows  here.

All are encouraged to submit any ideas for original programming or content.


Open Call

Artists, writers, producers, comedians, actors, directors, musicians, and exhibitionists are invited to submit ideas for VDO and content creation of original programming for live events, weekly sitcoms, web-broadcast, podcasts, and video production. Will consider anything from lounge show idea, to burlesque, to music videos, to comedic performance, to infomercials, to monologues, to free form original content and dedicated weekly episodal production.  Everything you have been talking about doing, here is your chance to do it.

oofu Is especially interested in filling spots for  upcoming vdo play session weekly productions;  Me Funny stand-up,  Date Me (get yourself hooked up in NYC), and Sounds Good (guest hosts present their favorite local bands playing oofu).  All will be on going weekly broadcasts/productions thru the summer and fall.

Bands always wanted/welcomed.   Bands please link here for more info.